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New Year, New Home: The 2024 Furniture Trends to Watch

With spring just around the corner – honestly, it is – now is the time to start thinking about the changes you’d like to make to your home in the coming year.  Whether you were looking to have a complete revamp or to just make little tweaks here and there with some new soft furnishings, often all you need is a little inspiration.

The forecast for furniture trends in 2024 is in, and experts are saying there are already clear signs of where the industry is headed in the next twelve months.  These are some of the major predictions:

Dark Wood

Recent years have seen a general move towards a preference for natural materials for our furniture.  Where wood is concerned, this has meant lighter, brighter tones in the grain.  2024 appears to be changing that and deeper, darker wood finishes are expected to see an increase in popularity.

Earthy Tones

More broadly speaking, the trend towards the browns, greens and greys of nature will likely continue.  As we move towards a more future-positive mentality, colours that are representative of the world we live in are understandably still the main colours of choice.

Bring the Zing

In perfect contrast to the calming tones of Mother Earth, experts believe that 2024 will also see a resurgence of bright, lively colours.  Expect pinks, oranges and yellows.  If you’ve already committed to a more neutral theme, try experimenting with shocks of saturated colour in soft furnishings, wall hangings or rugs to bring points of contrast and interest.

Multi-functional Pieces

In these times of consumer conscientiousness, the instinct to want to maximise our use of things makes perfect sense.  In our lived environment, where space is often at a premium, this consideration towards our use of resources also has the benefit of making our homes more functional.

One increasingly popular example of multipurpose furniture is the inclusion of technological features in the design of the items themselves.  Why worry about losing a remote control in the cushions of a seat when it can just be built into the armrest?

Bespoke Furniture

2024 is looking to continue recent trends in customisable pieces.  Having a home filled with unique, personal items not only lets you get exactly what you want, it also allows you to add your own little pieces of flare to the scheme.

Gentle Curves and Soft Lines

Minimalism and simple elegance have been common traits of furniture of recent times.  This year, however, industry experts predict a move towards modestly ornate pieces, with straight lines giving way to gentle curves and sweeps.

Combining Retro and Modern Aesthetics

As seen in other aspects of life, interior decorating is experiencing a move away from the binary of retro or modern and is instead embracing the potential of using bits and pieces from each.  Traditional wood panelling offset by more modern accents of aluminium is becoming more common, along with an increase in the use of glass as a contemporary counterpoint to design schemes with an older feel.

Taking Risks

2024 is the year for experimentation and ingenuity.  It is expected that a decrease in material diversity and an overall increase in costs will inspire people to think outside the box in order to achieve their desired results with their available budget.  If you had been holding on to some radical ideas for your home, the coming year will be the perfect time to implement them.

Start Planning… 

The winter months tend to be a good time to think about the interior design changes we would like to make for the simple fact that we spend so much more time indoors.  Make the most of the colder months and see to it that the coming year is a satisfying one.

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